Delivery charges and times

Our UK Standard Royal Mail 1st Class delivery services includes

Small Parcels not exceeding: Length: 45cm Width: 35cm Depth: 16cm Weight limit: 2kg

Medium Parcels not exceeding: Length: 61cm Width: 46cm Depth: 46cm Weight limit: 20kg

Large Parcels not exceeding: 2.5m length and 5m length and girth combined. Weight limit: 30kg.

All prices exclude VAT, and may be changed without notice

UK Standard Royal Mail 1st Class Size Weight up to and including

Small Parcel
1kg £3.45
2kg £5.50

Medium Parcel
1kg £5.75
2kg £8.95
5kg £15.85
10kg £21.90
20kg £33.40

Large parcel 2 Day UK services
2kg £30.30
5kg £31.32
10kg £34.74
15kg £41.88
20kg £46.98
25kg £58.26
30kg £62.40